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Make learning easy for the kids with this enjoyable Maths Game for kids enrolled in KS2. This is a free game where players answer the questions choosing from three options that keep appearing on the screen one by one. Such maths games are a great way to teach and help growing kids with their brain development.

Instructions to play the game:

1. Click on ‘play’ to start the game.
2. Questions will start appearing on the screen, where the player gets three options to choose from.
3. The time limit to answer these questions is 15 seconds, where the total number of questions answered right would reflect the player’s total score.
4. Since the game has no life restrictions, it can be played the number of times the player wishes to.

The total number of players:

One player

Aim of the game

Make maths fun and easy to learn for school kids enrolled in KS2 through this enjoyable game.