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Let your toddlers enjoy this free fun Pizza Part game that will keep them engaged for a little while. Since it is challenging to keep phones and gadgets away from kids these days, it is better to let them engage in such exciting games that are harmless and helps them to increase their concentration levels.

Instructions to play the game:

1. Click on the pizza icon to start the game.
2. As the game starts, there will be a brief description of the game, which states that the player is required to serve hungry customers good pizzas according to their preference. Players should avoid disappointing too many customers as it will make them lose points.
3. There are six pizza recipes, four of which will be unlocked only after the player completes the game’s initial levels.
4. As the game progresses and the player can make enough points, more and more toppings will be unlocked.
5. When the game starts, there will be a kitchen counter with all the ingredients and toppings placed appropriately, like a pizza base, oregano, mozzarella, and basil; the player will have to prepare the pizza as the customer orders.
6. Players must prepare the pizzas before to earn bonus points.

Aim of the game:

Engage toddlers and pre-schoolers in a fun game that does not impact their mental health and brain development.

Please turn to landscape mode for the best gaming experience