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Enjoy your leisure time with the ‘Difficult memory game for adults’; you will surely love it. The game is designed to check and enhance the memory power of the players. It is a fun game to play for adults as well as young teenagers. Note that it does not harm the player’s mind; instead, it will increase their concentration.

Instructions to play the game:

1. Click on ‘play’ to start the game.
2. Choose a difficulty level based on your preference; ‘Easy’ includes names of animals, famous places, sports, and social; ‘Medium’ includes names of IT companies and programs; ‘High’ contains matches.
3. As soon as you click on your preferred difficulty level, 6*4 blocks will appear on your screen. These blocks are turned upside down and have designs/names based on your chosen name of the blocks.
4. There will be a pair of matching blocks that the player will have to pick.
5. The player has to browse through all the blocks on the screen to pick the matching ones.
6. Players can also ‘pause’ the game by clicking on the icon, present on the top left corner of the screen, in between if they are required to take a break while playing. After hitting resume, the game will resume from where the player has left it.

The total number of players:
One player

Aim of the game:

Pick the matching blocks as soon as possible. The sooner the player picks up on the block, the more his/her chances of winning the game with more points.