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Dress Up Girls is a free game that allows the kids to show their creativity by dressing up girls according to their imagination, likes, and preferences. It is a safe game for kids as small as five years old and does not harm their mental health. This game is best suitable for little girls and boys who love dressing up.

Instructions to play the game:

1. Enter the game by clicking on the ‘play’ icon.
2. As the game starts, you will notice a girl on the screen whom you have to dress up creatively.
3. Towards the right side of the screen, there will be a small screen featuring a wide range of hairstyles, skin complexions, eyes color, shoes, and dresses.
4. Players can swipe left and right on the screen to browse through these different features.
5. If the player is in awe of his/her creativity, they can download the image to record it.

The total number of players:

One player.

Aim of the game:

Let the players show their creativity by dressing up the girl using different features.

Please turn to landscape mode for the best gaming experience