Human time (Learn Body Parts)

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Since learning from books all day can get a bit boring for the pre-schoolers, Human Time (Learn Body Parts) is a perfect game for little kids who have just started schooling. It is a fun and educational game where players identify different human body parts and earn points free of cost.

Instructions to play the game:

1. Hit ‘play’ to enter the game.
2. Choose from two modes, Fun and Competitive. There will be no timer in ‘Fun mode, and the score will not be saved, whereas in ‘The competitive’ way, there will be time, and the score will be saved.
3. Players can choose between two male and female characters.
4. As the game starts, an automated voice will announce different body parts individually, and the player will have to point the cursor to that particular body part.
5. In ‘Fun,’ the players can play till they like; however, in ‘Competetive’ mode, players will get three lives to play the game within 60 seconds.

The total number of players:

One player.

Aim of the game:

The game aims to educate the pre-schoolers while they play this exciting game.

Please turn to landscape mode for the best gaming experience