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An engaging memory game for senior citizens to help them pass their leisure time and keep their minds active. Such games are pretty helpful for seniors on the verge of memory loss diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This memory game is free and can be re-played the number of times the player wants.

Instructions to play the game:

1. To enter the game, click on ‘Tap to start.’
2. There are 12 levels in this game, where each level is unlocked only after completing the previous level. For example, to open the 2nd level, the player must achieve the 1st level.
3. As the game starts, an even number of blocks with various pairs of similar designs will appear on the screen upside down, where the player will have to find all the matching blocks by picking up each block.
4. After the player finds all the matching blocks, he/she will unlock a new level and be directed toward it.
5. Since this game has no time restrictions, it can be played repeatedly.

The total number of players:

One player.

Aim of the game:

This game aims to help senior citizens pass their leisure time with the help of this fun and engaging game.

Please turn to landscape mode for the best gaming experience